How We Can Help

INSTAMATION has been proving services and solutions in the Student Loan Industry for over 20 years. We provide exceptional solutions and services that exceed customer expectation. With a solid, proven record of success, Instamation provides expertise in all critical areas of enterprise-wide computing including:

  • Functional Requirements definition
  • Technical Specification creation.
  • Implementations
  • Support for delivered systems

Ellucian Campus Receivables Collector

INSTAMATION delivers Ellucian (Formerly SunGard Higher Education) Campus Receivables Collector (CRC), which is a Web-based software system that manages a wide variety of loans, including

  • Federal Perkins Loans
  • Health Professions Student Loans
  • Loans for Disadvantaged Students

Key Advantages & Benefits

CRC helps institutions manage campus-based loan accounts and collect on delinquent student accounts, while providing the following key advantages:

  • Primary Care Loans
  • Institutional private loans
  • Greater control and access to data
  • Easy access to data by different campus departments
  • Compliance with all federal rules and regulations
  • Control over cohort default rates
  • Self-sufficiency
  • Financial savings